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Facing issues with your Ford?

Finding the ideal car is a universal desire, but even the most trustworthy car companies have created vehicles that encounter comparable problems annually. No one wants to acquire a car that necessitates costly and repeated maintenance. If you're thinking about purchasing a Ford vehicle, refer to this guide to learn about all the mechanical problems you should be mindful of.

Facing issues with your Ford?

Finding the ideal car is a universal desire, but even the most trustworthy car companies have created vehicles that encounter comparable problems annually. No one wants to acquire a car that necessitates costly and repeated maintenance. If you're thinking about purchasing a Ford vehicle, refer to this guide to learn about all the mechanical problems you should be mindful of.

What are the most common Ford problems?


Some of the most common issues reported by Ford owners include:

  • Transmission slippage and failure
  • Cracked panels below the rear window 
  • Windows not rolling up
  • Blinking O/D light

Most common Ford Explorer problems

Average annual repair cost: AED2688 complaints: 13,195
Ford recalled the 2020 Ford Explorer due to problems with the wiring harness. Roughly 10,000 Explorers had a loosely attached wiring harness, which raised the risk of a short circuit. The recall began in October of 2019, and according to Ford, the majority of the vehicles affected were still at dealerships. Additionally, there were various quality control problems with the Explorer, including defective transmissions, flawed air conditioning systems, and leaks in the radiator.

Most common Ford Focus problems

Average annual repair cost: AED2090 complaints: 5164

Problems with the engine and transmission are some of the most commonly reported issues with the Ford Focus. Several drivers have reported that the engine RPMs increase when they shift the car into park. In addition, Ford had to recall more than one million 2012-2018 Ford Focus models due to a defective purge valve in the exhaust system that could indirectly affect the fuel tank.

Affected drivers experienced a loss of power, inconsistent fuel gauges, and engines that failed to restart after stalling. The recall required reprogramming the cars and replacing any affected parts. Ford also issued a similar recall for 2012-2014 and 2017 Ford Focus models, stating that these cars required additional software updates and reprogramming.

Most common Ford Escape problems

Average annual repair cost: AED2200 complaints: 4567
The Ford Escape is known for experiencing major engine problems, loss of power steering assistance, and brakes that make a screeching sound. Ford issued multiple recalls for the 2013 Escape in July 2012 after engine fires were reported shortly after its release. The recall was so serious that Ford advised owners not to operate their SUVs and arranged for tow trucks to transport them to service centers.
Additionally, the Ford Escape and other models had inadequate cooling systems, which could lead to vehicle fires if flammable fluids made contact with the exhaust system.

Most common Ford Mustang problems

Average annual repair cost: AED2600 complaints: 1485
The Ford Mustang is frequently reported to have issues with interior accessories, particularly with the radio/sync display, rearview camera, steering assist light, and steering wheel. Ford has yet to issue any recalls to address these issues. There have also been reports of vibrations while driving, particularly around 60 mph, and loud squeaking or chirping noises when the engine is warming up or when the car hits bumps. Older Ford Mustangs are known to have problems with body paint and hood corrosion.

The least reliable Ford model: the 2006 Ford Explorer

Most common problem: Transmission

As previously mentioned, the 2006 Ford Explorer has been associated with numerous transmission-related grievances. In 2006, vehicle owners complained of transmission lunges. They experienced rough jerks or shaking while shifting gears. The problem typically arises at around 49,450 miles and usually requires AED6700 to repair. Radiator leaks were also reported by owners. The leaks were noticed at an average of 63,800 miles. The issue sometimes necessitated multiple radiator replacements before it was resolved.

The most reliable Ford model: the 1993 F-150

Most common problem: Little to no heat in the cabin

The 1993 Ford F-150 is widely regarded as the most dependable model year. Although these trucks are older, they were built to withstand the test of time. Many trucks produced in 1993 are still functioning with more than 300,000 miles on the odometer.

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Service Related

In general, Fords are deemed to be dependable vehicles, although certain Ford models may be less reliable than others. It is worth noting that the typical cost of repairs for all Ford models combined is approximately AED2800 per year if you are in the market for a Ford.

The lifespan of a Ford vehicle can vary depending on factors such as the model, maintenance and care, driving conditions, and usage. However, with proper maintenance and care, many Ford vehicles have been known to last well beyond 200,000 miles.

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