A robust battery is the heart of a vehicle and makes your vehicle last longer. If you aim to get the maximum performance from your vehicle, your car battery should be reliable and durable. Most newly manufactured cars today use the in-built start-stop technology. It switches off engines when not in use, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Also, most cars today are equipped with high-end devices that consume a lot of power and thus need a robust battery power supply. Our MySyara Varta Battery Dubai workstation can tackle all the battery needs of your car giving you quality battery service.

VARTA Battery: A Promise of Durability

VARTA batteries are known for their German engineering that delivers the right level of power for every kind of car. Conventional SLI batteries are not able to fulfill the energy demands for high-power vehicles. If you are looking for batteries for standard or highly equipped cars that use start-stop systems, our VARTA car battery Dubai services would be the right choice for your vehicle.
VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM battery is good for any vehicle with an AGM battery. They are especially designed for cars with superior power needs and for entry-level start-stop systems. As the leading battery technicians in Dubai, Mysyara VARTA battery Dubai work stations are stocked with an assortment of VARTA batteries of all types. Whether AGM, EFB or the conventional lead-acid battery, we have all kinds of batteries to take care of your vehicle needs. All the batteries are fairly priced and come with an 18-month warranty.
We specialize in all VARTA battery related operations like battery check-up, delivery, fitting, and battery replacement for your car. You also need not worry about bringing your vehicle to the workshop for a battery change. Just give out mechanics a call, pin your location and they will reach as early as possible at your doorstep to offer their services.
Along with the VARTA car battery Dubai replacement services, you can also avail of our other testing, diagnostics and repair services for your cars.

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VARTA Car Battery Types

We recommend VARTA batteries mainly for premium vehicles of the latest European models, or large commercial heavy-duty vehicles.. Here is a look at the various batteries available with us.

  • Silver Dynamic – If you have a conventional vehicle with high power needs but which does not use a start-stop technology, a VARTA Silver Dynamic could be the right choice for your car. 
  • Silver Dynamic AGM - This VARTA version is the perfect choice for vehicles with the highest energy demands. These batteries have a life cycle three times more than the life of conventional batteries. 
  • Blue Dynamic - This VARTA battery is chiefly for conventional vehicles with medium power needs.  These vehicles have standard car equipment and do not use start-stop technology. It offers extra starting power and is recyclable. 
  • EFB Blue Dynamic - This is the entry-level product for superior performance requirements for start –stop engine technology. If you´re looking for a battery with extended life, this is the ideal choice.
  • Black Dynamic - These batteries give best performance for cars built before 2000. They are suitable for conventional vehicles.
  • Silver Dynamic Auxiliary - This is a specialized Dual battery system for high-level cars that use start-stop technique. VARTA Auxiliary batteries support electrical components with uninterrupted power supply. 

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MySyara VARTA Car Battery Dubai Services

We offer reliable services for VARTA battery fitting, check-up and replacement. Dry Fit AGM battery Models are now available to suit the new Start-Stop technologies. These batteries are the latest solution for start-stop vehicles. We have an efficient team of Battery Experts that not only diagnose the battery issue in your cars quickly, but also provide expert service.
Visit our service station for a wide range of VARTA Batteries, and original equipment for your high-end cars.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is special about using VARTA car batteries?

    VARTA batteries are the original specification for many premium vehicles, like AUDI, Porsche, BMW, etc. These batteries are made in Germany, and are reputed for their longevity and quality. They are ideal for cars with high power requirements due to many fitted electrical equipment. VARTA batteries are a premium battery option, particularly suitable for diesels, whether you have a factory or retro-fitted car. 
  2. What are the common car battery problems?

    Many types of battery issues can rise, like, the battery is not used the way it has been designed, or not fitted properly into the car. If your car has way too many electrical appliances, even this may lead to a weak battery soon. If the car is not being used frequently, or the battery cables are not clean, or the battery terminals are damaged or plate growth is there; all these lead to battery problems. 
  3. What is special about MySyara Battery service?

    -We offer fast and reliable service anywhere in Dubai within one hour of your request. 
    -We also offer free doorstep battery installation with a full electric system check. 
    -Our batteries used are of high quality and are long lasting.
    -We provide a 12 - 18 months battery warranty. 
    -We guarantee best prices.
    -We also offer free roadside assistance during warranty.
  4. How can I contact you?

    You can easily download the MySyara app on your smartphone. You can then place your service order after going through the various options. You can also contact or WhatsApp at + (971) 50 212 1322 to check battery price or any other queries.
  5. Can I find an equivalent VARTA battery for my car which uses a battery from another brand?

    Yes, you can use an equivalent VARTA battery but you need to find the right equivalent battery type. Our technicians can help you with that.
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