What goes through your mind whenever you hear the word 'Car Detailing'? Normal cleaning, protecting, or maybe a bit of polishing here and there right? No, the word 'Car Detailing' has a different meaning altogether for us at MySyarawhen we provide Car Detailing Service Center in Dubai. We believe in customer satisfaction and aim to achieve it by delivering the best service in the entire middle east.

Our waterless Maserati Car Detailing Service in Dubai has single-handedly saved around 10.4 million liters of water till now over around 32 years. Isn't that something great? I'm sure you think it is, so let's be a part of it and together save more all at your doorsteps. Install the app today to book an appointment and feel the difference with our hassle-free services. 

Facilities Provided At MySyara

The services and assistance that we provide at MySyaraare truly world-class as our 18000 happy customers say. Some of the services that we provide at MySyaraare listed below. 

  • Car Polishing 

The quality of polishing we do at MySyarahas been top-notch over the years. Our workers are trained to perform Maserati Car Polishing and Detailing in Dubai with great specification and precision.

  • Doorstep Car Wash Service 

Feeling tired to go out? Don't worry, we provide home assistance too. Just book an appointment on our MySyaraapp. Our MySyarateam is the Best Doorstep Car Wash Service Provider in Dubai. We also provide battery replacement and oil change too.

  • Car Detailing 

We are famous for being the best at Car Detailing is because we avoid the complicated process and have trained technicians and experts to look after your car, unlike many other service centers. Our Maserati Mobile Car Detailing Dubai service provides not only excellent detailing services but at the same time, they deliver it to you at the comfort of your home.

  • Waterless Car Wash 

The Mobile Car Washing and Detailing that we provide at MySyarauses an unconventional methodology where we use waterless products which are even better than traditional water wastage methods. Our goal is to grow sustainably by keeping away from the wastage of our natural resources to the minimum.

Our Range Of
Car Services

Car Wash

Car Wash

Enjoy waterless, eco-friendly car wash service that will leave your vehicle sparkly clean; while you are working, watching a movie, or out shopping!

Car Maintenance

Car Servicing

Experience best-in-class car service experience with our high quality, quick, transparent and convenient car servicing offers, including mobile oil change!

Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic

Our state of the art garage-on-wheels arrives with water, power and all the tools necessary to complete the job, so that you can get going again.

Car Repair

Repairs & Other

Our experienced car mechanics can carry out any repair & maintenance works. We also provide services like detailing, roadside assistance, etc.

Why Should You Choose MySyaraCar Care?

Now the question might arise in your mind as to why you should choose MySyaraover others. The fact that we are the first of our kind in Dubai who speak volumes. We have successfully changed the way how traditional, frail car servicing and washing methods used to work where you had to drive to the garage and be the listener instead of being a speaker at the garage. We know and understand your concerns and that's why we have come up with MySyaraMaserati Car Detailing Dubai at your doorstep. 

Some reasons why we think you should choose MySyara:

Trained workers: Our workers are given mandatory 100+ training before working on a car to make sure your experience with them is hassle-free and up to the mark. 

Modern Equipment: The set of tools and products that we use on Maserati cars are according to the needs of modern advanced cars and are scientifically approved. 

Mobile Mechanic: Don't worry if you are out with your pals and can't drive to the garage, our garage-on-wheels will come with the required tools to give you the desired services at the comfort of your home. We even offer pickup and drop assistance. 

Repairs and others: We also provide repair services, oil change services, battery replacement etc. and don't worry the parts that we use are always of top quality.

Wanna try out our Maserati Car Detailing Dubai? 

The process to enjoy our services is as flawless and seamless as ordering a pizza. Just follow the few simple steps and our garage will arrive at your doorsteps.

  • Through our app: 

Install MySyaramobile app on your iPhone/Android device, select your area, choose the desired service(s), and then pay through your convenient method of payment all through our app.

  • Through a call: 

Have some questions regarding our services in mind? Just call our service expert today on (+971) 42156809 and get your concerns heard. Our professional experts will solve all your problems without any hassle and also book your appointment.

  • Through Live Chat on WhatsApp: 

Wanna just text us on Whatsapp? That's okay, just message on (+971) 050 2121 322 or (+91) 89 4334 4334 and our service experts will connect with you immediately to assist and book your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I tell if my car needs to be waxed or polished?

    After washing and drying the car, run your hand lightly along the upper surfaces of the car. The surfaces should feel very smooth. If you detect rough spots or feel the drag, the car needs wax. Spray water on the car. If tight beads appear this means that the paint has the proper amount of protection. If the beads are loose, there is not enough protection on the car, if there are no beads, there is no protection on the car and wax should be applied immediately.
  2. I have a pet and their fur is everywhere. Can the pet hair be removed?

    Pet hair is no problem and is part of our Maserati Car Detailing Dubai menu. We diligently hunt down the hair found in your vehicle with our specialized air system and by hand to ensure your interior is left hair-free.
  3. How long does the service take?

    The time depends on the services required but count on us for having your vehicle for a full day in most instances.
  4. Can scratches be removed at Maserati Car Detailing Dubai from the paint job without it having to be repainted?

    Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding/isolating the surface of the affected area. If scratches have only gone through one or two coats of clear coat, they can be wet sanded out. If scratches have gone completely through the clear coat, then the vehicle will have to be repainted to get rid of it.
  5. What if I am not satisfied with the Maserati Car Detailing Dubai?

    If you are dissatisfied with any of our services or the behaviour of our staff, just let us know at (+971) 04 215 6809 or support@mysyara.com. Our robust, transparent system provides an effective way to get your complaints and suggestions registered as they are essential for us to keep delivering world-class Maserati Car Detailing Dubai. Enjoy the difference.
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