Every car owner is conscious and wants to keep their car in good condition. They often keep on hearing about tips to keep their car in excellent condition. When it comes to servicing, all owners hear many advice and myths from friends, relatives, car manufacturers, service providers. Some of the tips suggest money-saving budget options, while some boast about performance improving practices. If car owners want Lexus Car Detailing Dubai, we at MySyara can be your reliable option for all the car servicing options. 

Car Maintenance Myths That You Should Know

For the better health of your car, it is essential to get Lexus Car Detailing Dubai. When it comes to car maintenance, many myths surround it. For the better health of your car, it is essential to know about these myths to save your vehicle for better maintenance. Below are a few misconceptions and facts regarding  maintenance of your car. 

Replacing Oil after every 4000Km: Many oil companies as well as lube selling stores promote this idea to promote their sales. Most cars produced in the last 10 years or so required an oil change every 8046 to 12070 KMs that entirely depends on the manufacturer of your car. The advanced chemical composition with substantial synthetic oils use, and upgraded engine design have enabled us to go for a longer interval between oil changes. For Lexus Car Detailing Service Center in Dubai and change in oil, choose the best service center.

Use only Premium Fuel: Another very common myth is that car owners should only use premium fuel, which is not true unless your vehicle has a high performance engine that actually runs hotter than most of the other engines. For most cars, the normal gasoline works just fine. MySyara Lexus Car Detailing Service Center In Dubai also suggests that general gasoline works well for the health of your car.

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Servicing your vehicle at an Independent Repair Shop Will Revoke your Warranty: Warranty of your car is absolutely valid until the expiration date no matter where you service your car. Any automobile repair shop can perform any maintenance that is covered under warranty. Lexus Car Detailing Service Center in Dubai will get you the best car servicing. Any repairs performed in accordance with the owner's manual and on a regular basis does not cancel the warranty.

All four tires should be replaced simultaneously : Individual tires need to be replaced as and when needed as long as they are of the same brand, model, and size as your other tires. To get the most out of them, make sure they're changed any single oil shift. Also, it is not necessary to purchase a new tire if one is punctured as the car mechanic can plug the hole.

Car Battery Will Only Recharge After The Jump Start: Generally, it takes more than a few hours of driving to bring a battery that had to be jump-started back to full charge, especially in winters or places with low temperature. Heated seats in cars, the radio, lights, etc., consumes a  lot of power, leaving a small amount for actually recharging a battery.

Rolling Down of Your Car Windows Instead Of Turning On The Air Conditioner Can Improve Your Fuel Economy: Actually rolling down the window or using the AC makes a small or no difference when it comes to fuel efficiency. It's true that the air conditioner consumes fuel quickly but rolling down the window will increase the wind resistance.

Above were some of the myths that every car owner should ignore for the healthy running of your car. MySyara is a leading Lexus Car Detailing Service Center in Dubai that provides the best services for the best health of your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do MySyara basic Lexus car services include?

    Ans. Basic car servicing includes engine oil change or filter replacement, Checking Light, tires, exhaust, brakes, and steering, ensuring the engine is tuned to run at its peak, checking the hydraulic fluid and coolant levels, checking cooling system, suspension checks, steering alignments, testing the car’s battery condition. MySyara is one of the Best Doorstep Car Wash Service Providers in Dubai.
  2. Does MySyara provide doorstep car washing service?

    Yes, MySyara is one of the Best Doorstep Car Wash Service Providers. They provide a waterless doorstep car wash at your convenience. MySyara can come where their customers are. Whether you are shopping or out for a movie or just relaxing at home, they have got you covered. MySyara is completely waterless that means not a single drop of water is used and they use their advanced cleaning products.
  3. How often should I get my vehicle serviced?

    As per the experts, a car should be serviced every six months. Though it will depend on how often you drive your car. However, you can consult your owner’s manual for many maintenance checks. You can get Lexus Car Detailing Dubai for the best health of your car. 
  4. How Often Should I Check My Vehicle’s Fluid Levels?

    Along with engine oil, other fluids are essential for the health of your vehicle. Other important fluids for car servicing are transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and many more. Their levels are not affected by how frequently you drive but by extreme temperature as well. Therefore it is essential to check the fluids every six months. Lexus Car Detailing Service Center in Dubai will check the fluids and do regular servicing. 
  5. When should I replace My Brake Pad?

    According to experts, the brake pad generally wears out after 32186 - 48280 Km. However, many factors affect these figures. If you feel your vehicle is taking too long to stop or make a screeching noise, it is best to change brake pads.
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