Battery replacement and maintenance is something many overlook or forget until a malfunction occurs. And unlike popular notion, it is not always an easy job one can do on their own, especially Ford battery replacement. With rapidly changing technology, it becomes essential to rely only on trained technicians and specialized tools to maintain your Ford. Otherwise, it may lower the quality of your vehicle’s performance and functioning.

Choosing the right battery

Ford cars involve sophisticated engines and hence require regular effective maintenance. Similarly, Ford battery also plays a crucial role in making your driving experience joyful or painstaking. Therefore, while choosing a battery for your Ford, one needs to consider the following factors:

  • The Battery size matching your Ford - Each Ford car has specifications for length, width, and battery height in the user manual. Therefore, this is the first information to be checked before buying the battery.
  • Battery performance - Each Ford car model has specifications on CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). This tells us how efficiently the battery supplies energy, and a higher number suggests better performance. While choosing a battery, make sure that its CCA matches the specifications in your car's user manual.
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) - This tells us how long a battery will supply power. Like CCA, it is also indicative of performance, and higher numbers are better performers. 
  • Model date - While buying a battery, it is essential to make sure that it is newly manufactured since old batteries give a lower performance. The manufacture date of batteries can be understood from the battery date code on it. The alphabet shows the month, and the numbers following show the year. For instance, C19 means March 2019, while H20 is August 2020 and hence newer.
  • Battery Warranty - Batteries usually come with a warranty period that matches the warranty given by Ford. However, it is best to seek expert advice regarding this if you are unsure and want to double-check. One can either contact their Ford technician or instantly get expert advice for any query from MySyara App.

Checking these factors, choosing a battery will make maintenance more comfortable and improve your Ford's performance.

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Warning signs for Battery Replacement

Some of the common warning signs that indicate the need for a Ford battery replacement are:

  • A slower crank of the engine, which would be noticeable especially while turning your vehicle or starting it, indicates a dying battery.
  • The Check Engine indicator turns on and alerts you.
  • There may be visible leakage from the battery, or the battery case could get swollen.
  • A low fluid level in the battery is also a sign that it is dying.
  • Other electronic accessories that draw from the battery begin to malfunction when the battery is near failure.

When any or most of these signals start showing, it is time for a battery change. It is best to act quickly to such and not take a chance by delaying action. A malfunctioning old battery could leave you stranded on the road if it is not replaced and maintained timely. 

Fastest Ford Battery Replacement in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi

Ford Battery Replacement in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi have become effortless with MySyara Ford battery replacement services. MySyara offers highly skilled technicians who are familiar with Ford's latest technologies, who use professional tools. The MySyara app also gives you live chat expert opinion on choosing the right battery and skilled assistance on its maintenance.
Apart from expert advice on a wide range of car services and battery replacement, the MySyara App also lets you book online for appointments. Be it Ford Battery Replacement in Sharjah or Ford Battery Replacement in Abu Dhabi; MySyara promises the fastest response, quick service, and spot assistance. They also take care of recycling your used battery, an environmentally safe solution to disposing of old batteries. 
On the whole, they help you choose and maintain your battery and enable you to replace it without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Ford Battery Replacement in Abu Dhabi available for Ford performance models?

    Yes, MySyara offers all services to a wide range of Ford models, including performance models, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, Sedans, and coupes. The performance models that are covered by MySyara are Ford Edge ST, Ford F-150 Raptor, and Ford GT. 
  2. What if I am stranded and require Ford Battery Replacement in Sharjah?

    You can instantly book car service online in the MySyara app, pinpoint your location, and choose the assistance needed. On confirming payment, the technicians and mobile mechanic will reach you earliest and take care of the problem.  
  3. Why do I need a professional for Ford battery replacement in Dubai?

    Unlike earlier models, most Ford cars use the latest technology and specifications now. Therefore, it is wise to let a professional who has the necessary skill and tools replace the battery for you.
    Also, it may be dangerous to replace batteries without proper cleaning up and maintenance in case of any battery leakage. Doing this on your own could be hazardous for the car and yourself. 
  4. Do batteries have a warranty?

    Yes, batteries usually have a warranty period. However, it is wise to double-check this to see if it matches Ford's warranty period. For expert advice, you can chat live on MySyara Ford battery replacement services.
  5. Is there a maintenance-free battery?

    No, but you can get a battery that gives the best performance for your car. If maintained and used correctly, a Ford battery usually lasts for four to seven years. Further, if you drive daily and keep your batteries charged fully, the battery life would last longer. 
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