Remote car unlocking is something we can't imagine today's cars without. Despite all the advantages that this type of car keys bring, the loss or failure of the key can cause us huge headaches and even greater costs. Ever since cars with remote unlocking started to appear a good three decades ago, we have been happy to use the novelty, and today we take it for granted. Of course, the keys have progressed greatly since then, so today we are already talking about so-called smart keys. Smart keys use proximity sensors which allow us to unlock and start the car just by getting close to it.

Signs of a failing car key battery

The easiest way to avoid a dead car key fob battery is to recognize the signs of a failing battery. The signs of a dead car key battery are the same for all car brands.

  • When the battery starts failing it lacks the power to support the transmitter. The signal transmitter loses its range which means you have to be closer to the car to unlock it.
  • If you own a car with a proximity smart key, the car may not recognize the presence of the key. The weakened key fob battery might still be strong enough to allow you to start the car but you might notice it will only work when it is placed closer to the “start” button.
  • Newer cars might display a “key fob battery low” warning on your display.

Car key battery replacement is not that simple

With the introduction of smart car keys, replacing the battery has become a process that often requires professional reprogramming tools. Most likely, after replacing the battery, the smart key lost its connection to the car and now simply does not work. So you have to re-register it. Unfortunately, programming the key is impossible without the presence of another smart key that is fully functional.

Even if you have a second smart key that is fully functional, the process involves several steps that must be executed correctly. Some car brands don’t offer such solutions so a car key battery replacement must be done by the dealership or a professional locksmith.

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Professional car key battery replacement Dubai

As we mentioned before, the majority of car key batteries require programming after the battery has been replaced. This is a process that requires professional assistance. But that is not the only reason why a car key battery replacement should be done by professionals. Here are some more reasons:

  • Opening the car key case. Car key cases are quite fragile, especially older ones. If you are not careful you can damage your case and spend more for a new key fob case than you would for a professional car key battery replacement. Some cases even require specific tools.
  • Handling the electronic circuit. Professionals always use gloves when replacing a car key battery. Touching the electronic circuit with bare hands might damage the key fob.
  • Battery handling. The battery should always be held by its sides. Holding the battery on the flat surfaces can deplete the battery capacity. The other thing you must pay attention to is the battery orientation. Placing the positive side of the battery in on the wrong side means your key will not work and the whole process will need to be repeated.

MySyara car key battery replacement Dubai

MySyara offers the easiest way to get your car key battery replaced in Dubai and the surrounding cities. Our mobile mechanics team can replace your car key battery at your doorstep as soon as you start noticing the battery failing. Depending on the brand and age of your car, the programming of the battery can be done on location or it must be done in our service center.

Here are a few reasons you should trust us:

  • We come wherever you are. At home or at work. We are there if you need us.
  • We diagnose the problem on location and provide you with a new car key battery if needed. Sometimes the battery is not the issue. Our quick mobile diagnostics will make sure to identify the real problem.
  • If the problem is not solvable by our mobile mechanic service, we will suggest booking an appointment with our service center. Your problem will still be solved quickly!
  • We are built for the digital age. Our app makes servicing your car easy, convenient, and offers you simple payment options. Get the MySyara app on Google Play or the App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What car brand and models does our car key battery replacement service cover?

    We cover all cars and models. Based on the VIN number of your car, our mechanics will provide you with the correct car key battery and they will follow factory procedures to ensure the new battery is properly installed and programmed.
  2. Which areas does your emergency car key battery service cover?

    Our car key battery replacement services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.
  3. Is the quality of work at MySyara the same as that of an official workshop?

    Yes, keeping the quality at the highest level is our priority and we have 12 000 of our happy customers as proof.
  4. My car key battery seems to be failing, what should I do?

    The best advice would be to download the MySyara app on Google Play or the App Store today. After that, you can contact a servicing expert there and get their opinion as soon as possible. Booking a service appointment is easy and quick.
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