Nothing is more debilitating than a dead car battery out on the road, leaving you strangled and helpless. Your vehicle's performance is guided by the excellent health and performance of your car's battery. MySyara ACDelco Service Center Dubai brings for you the best batteries in town with a rich assortment of ACDelco car batteries at your service.

ACDelco is a reputed world-class leader in the vehicle battery and automotive replacement parts industry. These batteries are available for an extensive range of automotive, commercial, and other industrial vehicles. An ACDelco car battery is factory tested and verified. Each battery also goes through a factory pressure test to solidify its efficiency and performance.

MySyara Acdelco Battery Dubai Services

ACDelco batteries are known for their high performance, efficiency, and robustness. These batteries have extensive features, ranging from withstanding harsh conditions, safety, easy installations, and power-packed performance.
Here are the features of an AC Delco car battery that make it trusted across thousands of customers.

  • Corrosion-resistant with lead calcium ( SiCa alloy) expanded grids.
  • Have low-resistant envelope separators that provide long-lasting cooling
  • Patented high-density active plate material 
  • Manufactured based on full-frame grid technology 
  • Comes with a well-designed vent cap to prevent acid spills
  • Increased cyclic performance and double service life
  • Resistant to water usage, gassing, overcharging, or self-discharge.

With a vast range of features available, these batteries are undoubtedly the right fit for your car. If you are looking for high performance and long life for your vehicle, ACDelco car batteries could be the ideal choice for your vehicle.  These batteries are considered the most durable car batteries because of their high purity calcium-alloy component. Looking for efficient battery service? Contact MySyara’s  ACDelco Service Center Dubai for all your car needs. We promise you will go back with a smile.

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ACDelco Car Battery Types at MySyara

ACDelco has made a name for itself by producing world-class batteries for a wide range of automotive needs. We at MySyara ACDelco Service Center Dubai have gathered a reputation among customers for our dependable services. The various ACDelco batteries are designed to meet the needs of modern cars that are equipped with the stop-start system. There are batteries in both AGM and EFB series, which are robust and eco-friendly for your vehicle. 
Here is a look at the various ACDelco car batteries available with us.

  • SMF- Sealed Maintenance-free
  • EFB- Enhanced Flooded Battery
  • AGM- Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Advantage Series
  • ACDelco Premium

Whatever is the battery requirement for your car, add a touch of longevity and power to it with our ACDelco batteries as per your needs.

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MySyara ACDelco Battery Dubai Services

You can easily buy your desired car battery online at or from our smartphone app. We will deliver it to your doorstep, or, if you want, we can also fix the car battery for your car. Get top-quality car battery services with MySyara’s ACDelco Battery Dubai services at reasonable prices.
Regular battery maintenance is a must. It ensures the smooth functioning of your vehicle over the long haul. Our experienced battery professionals know this and will inspect your battery and report you its condition on request. If you need a battery replacement for your vehicle, we have complete range batteries for cars and commercial vehicles at fair prices to cater to all your car needs.
MySyara has the latest diagnostic and battery servicing equipment to ensure the smooth functioning of your battery. Here are the services that we offer:

  • New battery installation 
  • Full existing battery health check-up
  • Checking the battery alternator, voltage, and current ability 
  • Battery fluid check-up
  • Battery Replacement
  • Emergency Battery Services with our mobile vans

Besides these, MySyara’s ACDelco Battery Dubai Services will also advise you on how to look after your car battery. You will get tips and suggestions to ensure that your car battery remains in good condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are ACDelco batteries better than other batteries?

    A battery grid is the heart of any battery. In ACDelco batteries, the grid is made of lead mixed with other metals that boosts its strength. Conventional batteries used antimony earlier. Now, grids in ACDelco SMF and LMA Batteries are made of lead and calcium alloy. The battery grid in these batteries is cold wrought, has a fine surface grain, and is highly resistant to corrosion and vibrations.
  2. How long can an ACDelco battery last?

    All car batteries need proper maintenance to increase their lifespan. Unchecked drains in a vehicle can cause battery depletion in as low as 2-4 weeks. To be safe, you should start your car once every week. You can leave them idle for 5 minutes to let the battery retain some state of charge. An ACDelco battery Dubai comes along with a 12- 42 months’ warranty.
  3. Does the “start-stop" feature affect the type of battery in my car?

    Your start-stop vehicle will need AGM batteries. If the battery is flooded, it will only last for about 4-6 months. Nowadays, most vehicle manufacturers are using AGM batteries for their vehicles.
  4. How do I check the warranty of my ACDelco battery?

    The top label of the battery has all your warranty details. The first character shows the battery series-ex: P, PS, PG is for Professional. The next two digits represent the month, the third digit is the year, and the fourth digit is for the manufacturing plant. For example, P 088N means the battery was made in August 2018.
  5. How do I know if my car has a weak battery?

    You can check for the following signals from your car and get your car checked if you find these.
    -Dim headlights
    -Clicking sound when you turn the ignition on
    -Lit ‘Check Engine’ light
    -Foul battery smell
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